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Your day-to-day transactional data provides the incremental inputs that enable you to implement an effective business decision support system with a flexible business analytics interface built upon an underlying data warehouse foundation. Your data warehouse is thus a key enabler for aligning your IT assets with your business strategy by allowing you to explore various business scenarios for the future based on the past trends.

Our business intelligence and data warehousing services will cater to all your business analytics needs. From making dimensional models based on business requirements, to suggesting suitable technologies for data warehouse engine plus OLAP and BI tools, to designing platform-specific data mart, to defining ETL procedures and scripts, we develop cost-effective solutions leveraging our onsite-offshore delivery model.

Retail Business Analytics :

The 1980’s and 1990’s concentrated on automating operational level business processes to increase transaction-processing efficiency thus enabling support for business growth. The need has changed radically ever since. The current and the next decade are about identifying target customer base and establishing presence in the market with niche expertise. Decision support systems that help to define, refine, and re-define business strategies on an ongoing basis, as well as enable innovative product offerings, pricing, distribution and inventory management, are the order of the day.

We understand the need of the hour for retail industry and hence have partnered with Oracle Corporation to co-develop Oracle Retail Data Model (ORDM), a suite of business analytics solutions that is retail vertical specific. Led by practicing software professionals, who lived through the metamorphoses in this domain over the past one and a half decades, we have started a retail business intelligence practice group.

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To protect your investment in business data assets, we provide specific value-added services around ORDM that build bridges from your existing Oracle OLTP / enterprise warehouse data to ORDM.

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And let us assure you that although our solution is built around Oracle’s technology stack, we will help you to integrate ORDM with data repositories that use Teradata or DB2 or SQL Server.
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