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Embedded Systems:

If you think we are there only in the business applications, business analytics & data warehousing, and e-governance space, you are in for some pleasant surprises.

Device Driver Programming:

Since February 2003, we have been providing a range of programming services, including development and maintenance of system software assets like Windows services, components and applications related to printer and scanner drivers, utilities and applications, developed by a Fortune 500 MNC, manufacturing computer peripherals. A team of around 20 Praxis professionals are currently working, mainly on VC++, MFC, SDK, and DDK (some Java and C# as well), in a multi-organization team at this MNC’s India development centre. Of the entire development team at this centre, about 20% are from Praxis.

Firmware Board Design & Verification:

Since July 2006, we are an integral part of a product development team that is working for a Silicon Valley based start-up company, engaged in developing semiconductor firmware boards in the following capacity:

    • Decoder / Encoder Firmware for AC3 & AAC
    • De-multiplexing Firmware for MPEG-2 Transport Stream & Program Stream, and MPEG-4 / H.264 Stream
    • PCI-e Device Driver Development
    • RTL Verification using simulation environment
    • FPGA Verification using JTAG / PCI-e Interface


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