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Legacy Transformation :

When re-engineering legacy applications, we recommend a Pilot Conversion after Inventory Analysis and Baseline before getting into the Main Conversion, in a phase-by-phase manner based on the size, complexity, inter-dependency, and criticality of these applications. Here are a few examples.

Alpha-VMS Oracle to Windows 2003 .Net:

We have re-engineered an Oracle 10g RDBMS based mission-critical system [that was using Oracle’s client-server technology of the mid 1990’s for almost one decade] for an US-based client, into .Net 2003 platform, keeping existing functionality intact and adding a few new features in the process. There were two phases (Phase-I for Conversion of online Forms 6i GUI to .Net GUI, and Phase-II for Conversion of Alpha-VMS Pro*C batch programs to Windows 2003 executables using a 3rd party tool called BJS) in this 10 person-years project that was completed in 12 months.

Our In-house ROBUST Tool:

Using our expertise on client-server and object-oriented technologies, we have developed a proprietary process framework for re-engineering legacy applications from typical client-server platforms like Oracle Forms or VB-Access or Lotus Notes platform to an object-oriented one like .Net or Java. Our framework enables you to re-engineer your legacy applications to object oriented platforms of your choice in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing your existing business rules. This framework consists of a methodology that can be tailored to meet specific needs, a set of tools and checklists. Source programs are parsed to build reverse-engineered XML based object repository, which is then used to build a default UML based object model. This object model can be used to feed standard object modeling tools like Rational Suite, or industry standard IDE’s like Microsoft VSTS for forward engineering.

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Oracle Forms & Reports Upgrade:

Using our Oracle expertise, we have helped one global fashion garment retailer, having country-wide presence in the USA, to upgrade a bunch of client-server OLTP applications from their existing Oracle Forms 4.5 [there were close to 100 GUI forms and close to 50 Character-mode forms] to full-fledged Oracle 10g environment. It took us less than three months to complete the migration, including unit testing, integrated system testing, and documentation of individual forms.

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