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Recruitment Process : Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to I send my cv / apply?
    • You could send your detailed resume
    • We also accept applications through our online application form.


  • How long will it take for someone to contact me?
    • We endeavor to keep you informed of the progress of your application, by email. Incase we do not send a mail back to you in 2 weeks time; you could send a mail to to request for a feedback regarding your application.


  • How long does the recruitment process take?
    • It depends on the requirement and the role. It could take anything from one to four weeks for specific requirements posted on the site.


  • Do I have to appear for any written tests?
    • Yes, depending on the requirement you may need to appear for aptitude and / or technical written tests.


  • How many rounds of interviews would there be?
    • Typically 2 rounds of technical interviews and a HR interview.


  • How long does it take to get feedback after an interview?
    • We'll try and give feedback as soon as possible after an interview. However, sometimes you'll need to wait until all the candidates have been interviewed.


  • What if I want a more detailed feedback?
    • You can ask the HR professional looking after the role for further feedback.
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